Stage 1 – The Dawn of Tallinn

As it happened…
New season started with a few records, 5 hours rather than 3 a year ago, 6 teams instead of 5, 15 games rather than 10 and most precious 47 active players, making it a new EFL participation record. And there was a new previously unseen chaos throughout the results.
Joining the regular teams was a yellow pick-up team, which upgraded their identity this year from an unknown man John Doe to a new more menacing PUps side. And this collection of PUps was the most faultless team in the tournament that shot to success teaching a hard lesson and beating all 5 regular teams and reaching the only 3 point caps of the tournament along the way. Though while the supremacy of the Yellows PUps seemed clear the race to become the best of the rest was changing throughout the day. Seven games ended with just one point between the teams and this is how it unfolded.

In the end of the second round, PUps were leading with two wins, Horns, Brothers, ÖÖ and White with one win each and Wings being last with two games lost by a point.

At the end of fourth round PUps guaranteed themselves win of the tournament. Blues, Greens, Whites seemed to be eyeing up that second place with two wins each. Blues Brothers and Checkmate were playing each other in the last game, while Horns were about to play the Red Wings, who along with the ÖÖ only enjoyed one win so far, though the blacks still had the mighty PUps to come.

So the Checkmate took second place with 8 points and Blues joined the Greens and Reds on 7 points. In this company Reds took victories against the comparison and were hence third and the victory of Brothers over Horns means that the Blues are fourth and the Greens are fifth.

So last year we had one favourite after the first stage with one or two teams who could challenge them after stage one and it seemed to close up to a two horse race after stage two. This year looks like any of the 5 teams could take the trophy with no real favourites yet. And unlikely to change dramatically after the next stage as well. Perhaps attendance and health of players may play the decisive role, so try to make it to the next tournament!


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